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What Is The Purpose Of A Retaining Wall?

If your landscape features sharp gradient changes, a retaining wall is worth integrating. Retaining walls provide essential structural support to large masses of soil. They can also be an attractive focal point for your backyard. Retaining walls also have several other benefits that can help transform your landscape into a functional and striking masterpiece.

A retaining wall serves to keep soil in place. This mostly applies to landscapes featuring small hills where these walls act as a barrier to prevent the soil from sliding forward. This makes a retaining wall a necessary safety feature for your landscape. It will ensure the well-being of your house and the features in your yard. Depending on the amount of support required, there is a range of options to pick from.

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Paver Pool Deck?

Prevents soil migration.

Attractive focal point.

Creates soil barrier.

Protects home.

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