Reiter Park

Reiter Park – A Great Place to Visit in Longwood, FL

Longwood, Florida, was a tranquil rural community that expanded alongside the citrus industry and cattle ranches when Walt Disney World first opened in the 1970s. Owing to this growth, there are now wonderful food-serving caf├ęs as well as enterprises that specialize in selling uncommon things. 

The Longwood historic district has many attractions. Once NAS Sanford closed in 1968 and McCoy AFB in 1975, the area became a popular vacation attraction.

Longwood, FL, has attractions despite its small-town feel. Disney World and a vibrant nightlife may be found in Orlando, which is close by, approximately 15 miles to the south. A lot of fantastic parks and recreation sites are also close by. Reiter Park is among the most beautiful parks. 

Families love to spend time in nature at Reiter Park. Everyone loves the park since it is a beautiful place with a certain charm. People enjoy going there to stroll, spend time with their family, and perform several other activities! Many adjustments have already been made to increase the amusement and attraction of this park. It contains an amphitheater, splash pad, pavilions, boardwalks, and a peaceful garden.

About the Place

Reiter Park has the ability to pique people’s interest and keep it. The stunning surroundings and alluring natural features of this park make it a true treasure in Longwood.

Visit Reiter Park with family or friends. Everyone can use the playgrounds, picnic spots, and other attractions. 

Monster Dash 5K, a park tradition, is one of many community activities and festivals. Reiter Park hosts concerts, festivals, food trucks, and expos, helping revitalize downtown.

The Reiter Garden, a beautiful place to explore, includes an amazing variety of plants from all over the globe. A focal point of the garden is a Campbell’s magnolia that Victor received as a gift from an admirer in England. There are also northern ratas, cabbage palms, and a yellow-flowered Christmas tree from New Zealand.


Jimmy Reiter Park, named for the city’s volunteer fire department founder, is a lovely green spot. It hosts social gatherings and small festivals after a 2018 restoration.

Playgrounds, splash pads, pavilions, quiet gardens, boardwalks, and restrooms are throughout the 6-acre park. It also has tennis and basketball courts and an exercise area. 

A walking path connects the park to the Longwood community building and SunRail station. It plays a significant role in the city’s endeavor to make it is downtown more pedestrian-friendly, an important goal shared by SunRail passengers and all tourists.

It’s a great place to plan an event, hang out with family, or take a walking trip along the route. You’ll always remember and want to return! It’s beautiful and enchants everyone.

What to Do

Reiter Park is ideal for parties and relaxation. This 4.5-acre park is great for families and friends.

To draw people and new businesses to Longwood’s downtown, the park was redesigned to serve as its centerpiece. It hosts concerts, festivals, and food trucks. It even houses a well-loved Monster Dash 5K race. 

Longwood locals love Reiter Park. One of the city’s most beautiful parks, it has great paths, stunning scenery, and moving nature.

It’s great for families wishing to relax in the park. Picnic benches, sitting areas, and a children’s playground are accessible.