Brick Paver Maintenance

Brick pavers are an excellent and durable choice for landscaping projects, both indoors and outdoors. They provide a strong foundation with a timeless look that can endure over time. However, to keep your brickwork looking beautiful, regular maintenance is essential.

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Things To Do For Proper Paver Maintenance

To guarantee that your brick paver installation looks its best, it is essential to sweep and clean it regularly. This will rid the bricks of any dirt, grime, or debris that has collected on them over time. Afterwards, applying a specialized sealant for pavers can provide an additional layer of protection against water damage and staining.

If standing water is present on your brick paver installation, using a leaf blower to dry the surface can quickly restore it to its original beauty. To keep from damaging the joints between pavers, ensure that you set the device at its lowest velocity setting before aiming it at an angle across the surface of the brick pavers – this will cause any dirt, debris and leaves to be lifted away with ease.

To further ensure the durability of your pavers, spread jointing sand between them is also an essential part of paver maintenance. Before applying the sand, lightly mist it with water; wet sand adheres better to the pavers. When you have finished tamping down and brushing away excess material, use a leaf blower for an effortless cleaning finish.

To keep your pavers looking as good as new, make sure to seal them regularly. Sealing will protect the surface from any stains or damage it may incur over time. Furthermore, you can easily purchase this sealant at most home improvement stores.

Applying sealant is easy—just make sure to follow the instructions on your package carefully. For most products, you’ll need a brush or roller to apply, and then let it sit for several hours before allowing foot traffic onto the surface. Sealing should only be done when the pavers are in good condition; if there are cracks or chips present, sealing will not resolve these issues.

If you are not confident in your sealing abilities, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional contractor to complete the task.

Keeping your pavers in pristine condition is essential, so if you notice any cracks or chips it is important to repair them promptly. Otherwise, the water can seep into these crevices and worsen the damage over time. Fortunately, there are multiple ways of repairing paver damages.

  1. Use An Epoxy-Based Filler – Conveniently acquire this type of filler at any home improvement store, which is specifically created to mend cracks in concrete material. Utilize it by following the instructions provided on the package for optimum success.
  2. Use Caulk – To mend tiny cracks, caulk is an ideal solution. Using a caulking gun, you can easily insert the caulk into the crack and then with your finger or a wet cloth wipe it down for a smooth finish.
  3. Replace Damaged Bricks – If a brick paver has cracked or chipped badly, then replacing it completely is the best option as opposed to attempting a repair. You can quickly source replacement bricks at home improvement stores near you.

In the case that your brick paver installation has begun to lose its appeal, you can easily restore it with a wood stain or paint of your choosing. With this method, you will be able to bring back the original shine and color of your pavers in no time.

The following are the types of paint and wood restorers that you can use:

  1. Oil-Based Paints – These provide a resilient finish that stands strong against fading and deterioration.
  2. Acrylic Paints – Water-based paints are typically more affordable than oil-based versions, yet they may not endure as long or remain vibrant over time.
  3. Wood Restorers – This special sealant not only brings back the original hue of your pavers, but also gives them a beautiful, natural-looking finish.

With conscientious upkeep and regular maintenance, your pavers can last for many years.

Who Should Maintain Your Pavers

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of caring for your pavers, hiring a professional is an intelligent decision. After all, they possess the relevant experience and know-how to guarantee that everything will be done correctly—not only that, but with their help, you can rest assured knowing how to maintain them adequately in the future. Furthermore, investing in this service now allows you to save time and money from any costly repairs down the road.

If you can’t hire a professional, don’t worry; there are plenty of helpful tutorials and resources online to show you how to care for your pavers. With some hard work and dedication, your brick paver installation will stay beautiful for years.


Overall, brick pavers are a superb choice for your outdoor space, provided you commit to proper upkeep. Maintenance of these materials must include not only routine sweeping and cleaning but also the application of sealants and UV protection products to preserve their beauty and longevity. If taken care of correctly, pavers can reward you with years of enjoyment, making them a worthwhile investment.